My Father, My Hero

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday, and with that I would like to dedicate this weeks post to fathers everywhere, and more specifically, mine. To begin I echo the words of former North Carolina State Men’s Basketball Coach Jim Valvano, “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person; he believed in me.”

My father believed, believes, and will undoubtedly continue believing in me. He has supported me in all aspects of my life, and for that I’m forever grateful and indebted to him. I would like to now present five reasons my Dad is the best (and a tribute to all good fathers)!

#1- Desire for me to succeed.
My dad has always wanted me to be the best I can be in whatever I do. From little league baseball and Jr. Jazz basketball leagues to today, studying accounting at BYU and hoping to get into law school, my dad has always done everything he can to help me be successful. Showing his humility and his love for his children he always says he wants his kids to be more successful than him; he continues to do whatever he can to make sure that happens.

#2- The way he treats my Mom
Theodore Hesburgh said, “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” Never have I known a man to treat his wife so tenderly and with such compassion. He is gentle, loving, and always puts her needs above his. I remember a couple of times as a kid where I could have been nicer to my mom. Dad made sure I knew I did wrong and that I treated her better. A man who loves his wife and makes sure his children know and see it, lays a foundation for his children when they grow up, get married, and have children too.

#3- “Raising men, not boys”
Without a doubt my dad’s slogan is, “I’m raising men, not boys.” He has said this countless times and this short phrase holds so much meaning to me. One major meaning of this mindset is the fact that men know hard work. My dad has instilled in me the importance to work hard in all aspects of life, to get a good degree in college, and to get a good job to support my family. As a kid I thought it was pointless to get up early on Saturday mornings to mow the lawn, work in the garden, and do other chores around the house. Today I see the importance of hard work. I’m grateful that my dad had me work for him every summer in high school too. It was during those summers of making flashlights, painting walls, testing circuit boards, and helping in the shipping department that I learned the value of a dollar.

#4- Spiritual leader and patriarch of our home
“A family needs a father to anchor it . . . By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness . . .” — L. Tom Perry
I am very blessed to come from a home where my father was the anchor. He presided over us in love and righteousness, always making sure that we were developing ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. This has helped me to stay on the right path and make good decisions in my life.

#5- Service to others
My dad seems to always be serving others. It doesn’t matter if it is in church, work, or at home, he is always willing to help people. I remember him taking me with him to various church and community service projects when I was a kid, and I’m very grateful for this. He has taught me to give back to others and to serve God and Country.

So there you have it. Five reasons my dad is the best, and a tribute to all good fathers everywhere. Now before you leave, I could add a sixth tribute to my father. He taught me to have a sense of humor. So please remember: My dad is more dad than your dad. In fact, my dad is so dad, he’ll make your dad look like mom. In which case, Happy Mother’s Day.

Thank you Dad. Thank you for all you do for me and for all you have taught me. I love you.

Happy Father’s Day!


A great article on the divinity of Fatherhood:


6 thoughts on “My Father, My Hero

  1. And because of your GREAT father I know that you too will be a great father! I love you! Happy Father’s day to my amazing Father in law, my own awesome father, and to my husband who will someday be an amazing father!

  2. Great thoughts man, make sure your Dad reads it!

  3. Wow!! You made me cry and laugh!! Yes, I agree that your dad is amazing!!!! You are lucky and blessed to have such an example!! You will someday be just like him 🙂

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